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We believe the early years of a child’s life are ones of tremendous growth.  Our preschool and kindergarten programs provide activities and experiences that promote positive growth and development for children ages 3 years through 5-6 years.  Each child will receive quality-loving care and parents are encouraged in their teachings of Christian values at home. 

Three-Year Olds

During Sunday School, the children begin each class with singing with Mrs. Ranessa in the Children’s Choir Room.  After music, they go to their classroom to hear Bible stories and make crafts, using Presbyterian-related curriculum.  Our three year olds are taught by church members during the Worship services. 

Four & Five Year Olds

Our four and five year olds begin their Sunday School class by singing with Mrs. Ranessa in the Children’s Choir Room.  After music, they return to their classrooms for Bible lessons and crafts, using Presbyterian-related curriculum.  These children attend the early part of the 11:00am Worship service then go to their rooms for Bible story activities.  Parents pick them up there following the service.

Wednesday Night Live

Wednesday Night Live for our K3-K6 year olds includes an evening of fun with church family friends.  After dinner, their activities include Bible study, crafts, movies, gym, music and story time.

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